In the glass industry, it is not enough to be good at what you do, you must be the best in order to achieve the exclusivity that our clients demand of us. We know that for them the projects must be completed in detail and that is what we guarantee from the beginning to the end, providing a quality guarantee in our results. Find out everything that is possible with GLASS and discover what you never even imagined possible until today.

Bathroom screens

At CRISTALERÍA MIKAL we are a benchmark for minimalist bathroom screen installations. We design bespoke shower screens for each client, combining elegance and functionality on every project.


Glass balustrades are very discreet and allow a complete view of the room, creating spaces as never seen before. At CRISTALERÍA MIKAL we install any kind of GLASS balustrades, also combining materials such as iron or steel.

Interior design

In PALMA DE MALLORCA we are the only glazing company that offers a detailed analysis and a preview of the different models or interior design ideas and their glazing. At CRISTALERÍA MIKAL we provide customer orientation and we learn from them in order to offer an exclusive service.

Double glazing

In CRISTALERIA MIKAL we have all kinds of double glazing GLASS, we can give you advice by sharing technical information and suggesting the type of glass that best suits your needs.


In addition to GLASS, we work with other materials to carry out your projects. Whether it is ALUMINIUM, IRON or PVC at CRISTALERIA MIKAL we offer different material options to glaze your home or any other space. We always work with the best materials to provide the highest quality and guarantee.